CNC Milling and Drilling/Mounting Telescopes

We use our CNC mill to drill and mount telescopes, and we also use it produce the Peli Lens™ for hemianopsia. The mill is very useful for prototyping. If you have any ideas, we’re happy to work with you to make them a reality.

Laser Cutting & Engraving

We typically use our laser engraver for engraving vision therapy goggle prisms, labeling tint samples, and creating custom foam packaging for our tint kits. If you have any project that requires laser engraving, we’ll gladly try to help you.

Occlusion Methods

We offer blackout lenses and flesh-colored lenses. We can also do selective frosting when a fully frosted lens is too much for a patient. We can do frosting via sandblasting or sanding. We also offer the Mins Lens™, an aesthetically impressive lens that looks frosted from the inside, but just looks a little bit foggy from the outside of the lens.

Aniseikonic Lenses & Calculations

Trial ring Size lenses are available in CR-39 for a reasonable price. We also make the RX’s, perform the calculations, and give you various options on how to accomplish your goals.