Have a low vision patient or two who could benefit from glare control and contrast products? Cool. (Not that you have patients suffering from low vision, but that you’re in the right place to help them <— that’s cool).

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Our Glare Control Products

No, we don’t have anything that will spare you from your loved ones’ withering looks of displeasure. >Sorry<

But, we can help you spare your patients from unpleasant lighting and enable them to see better with our glare products.

Shop by brand or color. If you need help finding the right shade for your patients’ needs, our assessment kits should do the trick (see a little further below for those).

Glare Control by Brand

For your patients’ viewing pleasure, we offer a wide selection of glare control products from top brands including Haven, Sight Soothe and Cocoons.

Sight Soothe


Glare Control by Color

While we carry a full array of colors for Haven, Noir, and Cocoons (as shown above in case you weren’t, ahem, paying attention), below are some of the most popular shades we stock specifically geared toward low vision glare and contrast needs.







Glare Control - Assessment Kits

Not exactly sure which shade is right for your patient? We get it – the nuances of lens tints aren’t something we can easily convey online. That’s why we put our heads together and came up with our Glare Assessment Kits (no trademark pending, so feel free rip that name off).

We’ve developed four different options to help you evaluate your patients’ indoor, outdoor, and light sensitivity needs. Check out our available options.