Wanna hear some great news? Using Chemistrie Color lenses for Color Vision Deficiency (CVD), your colorblind patients can access the latest in lens technology. Wanna hear even better news? Our ready-made fitovers are an affordable, quick way to get these lenses into your patients’ hands ASAP.

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The Technology

Developed using AI-driven technology, Chemistrie Color lenses assist with the perception of color in those with color vision deficiency (CVD). Instead of relying on heavy red or pink tinted lenses, Chemistrie Color lenses enhance genuine color vision. Patients experience the truest possible discernment of color.

Red lenses rely on heavy tinting that helps patients distinguish colors but also shifts their entire color spectrum so everything has a red hue.

Chemistrie Color lenses are modified in the specific part of the visible light spectrum where patients with CVD are deficient. With Chemistrie Color lenses, patients can see truer color. White remains white and no colors are artificially darkened.

Chemistrie Color CVD lenses are available in three shades:

  • A – Indoor: for patients who will use the lens mostly indoors,
  • B – Outdoor Moderate: for patients who are light sensitive indoors or want a lighter outdoor tint
  • C – Outdoor Severe: for patients who want an outdoor lens and suffer from light sensitivity

Why Fitovers?

Chadwick’s Fitovers are a convenient option for patients who use prescription glasses but don’t need to wear a medical tint full-time. Fitover options may be right for your patients if they:

  • Want colorblind lenses as fast as possible
  • Wear multiple pairs of glasses and need a solution that works with all frames
  • Prefer fitovers to clip-ons
  • Need the most affordable option
  • Can’t or don’t want to send their frames into Chadwick for clip-ons to be made

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Our Other Lens Solutions

Fitovers not quite the right fit for your patient? No prob! We can also make CVD lenses as plano glasses or clip-ons.

Plano Glasses

Plano glasses may be right for your patients if they:

  • Do not wear Rx glasses or lenses
  • Want a lightweight convenient option
  • Prefer an affordable solution

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Chadwick's Clip-Ons

Clip-ons may be the best option for your patients if they:

  • Have existing Chemistrie magnets embedded in their lenses
  • Want a lighter-weight, more portable option
  • Do not want to carry a different pair of glasses
  • Prefer a more aesthetically pleasing option
  • Wear only one pair of glasses

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