Statistics: TBIs/Concussions  

According to the Brain Trauma Foundation, concussions are ‘the most underreported, under diagnosed, and underestimated brain trauma by far’ and account for ‘90% of TBI, with millions of trauma cases every year’. Additionally, up to 1/3 of concussion symptoms (such as headaches, light sensitivity, and photophobia) are visual, yet vision is often overlooked in treatment for concussions and other TBIs. We are working to change that. 

Functional Filters to the Rescue! 

Certain patterns (polka dots, for example), certain colors of the spectrum, even certain levels of light can trigger a negative reaction in someone who has suffered a concussion or other TBI.  

To combat that, we offer a line of products that utilize Functional Filters, specially tinted lenses which filter out specific problem-causing types of light.  

Product Spotlight: Fitovers and Frames for Polytrauma and TBI 

You’re probably wondering how something as simple as eyeglass tint could POSSIBLY ease your vision woes. But sometimes a little splash of color in your life (or, more specifically, in your lenses) makes a big difference.

Here’s are some of our available products. Both models featured here come in two different tints: 

  1. Lighter blue for mild symptoms and indoor use 
  1. Medium blue for moderate symptoms and wear your glasses indoors or have mild symptoms and wear your glasses outdoors 

Sight Soothe Glasses for TBI – Slick Frame 

Sight Soothe Glasses for TBI – Accord Frame 

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