Our fitovers and frames offer Functional Filters precisely tinted to provide relief from vision ailments stemming from concussions/TBI, epilepsy, and migraines. 

A Functional Filter is a tinted lens that filters how much and what type of light goes into your eyes, blocking out harmful and triggering wavelengths and helping both your eyes and you, ‘function’ better. They provide relief and alleviate the severity of vision problems resulting from concussions/TBIs, epilepsy and migraines.  

Functional Filters: Concussions/TBIs 

Functional Filters can help vision issues resulting from a concussion or other TBI. The precision tinting of our filters cuts down on a significant portion of the wavelengths that trigger photophobia (aka light sensitivity) and headach

Functional Filters for Concussions and Tramautic Brain Injury
Functional Filters for Epilepsy

Functional Filters – Epilepsy 

There are plenty of visual stimuli that can trigger epileptic seizures for those with photosensitive epilepsy (a type of reflexive epilepsy). Glasses fitted with Functional Filters are known to be an effective ally in combatting (or, even better, preventing) these types of seizures.