When it comes to low vision, TBIs, and other optical conditions, Grey 2 & Yellow 3 just aren’t specific enough. You spend a lot of time selecting just the right color for your patient – you want to know that when you order that lens from your lab, the lab provides that same amount of care and precision in making your specialty lenses.

That’s where we come in. With over 20 years of tinting experience, we’ve developed a process that combines cutting-edge technology with unparalleled optical expertise.

The result? Precisely tinted lenses that help patients with vision problems see better, function better, and feel better.

Finding the Best Filter for Your Patient

The first place to check out is our tinting library. We’ve catalogued our tint library so you can find the perfect tint for your patient’s needs.

The first place to check out is our tinting library. There, we’ve classified dozens of different medical filters and tints by condition, color, and company.

Filters by Color

View our library by color category to select the right blue, orange, plum, and every tint in between.

Filters by Condition

Explore our filters and which condition they typically address, from low vision, TBIs, and beyond.

Filters by Company

Want a company-specific color? We’ve laid out popular filters by leading tint companies in one spot.

Chadwick Optical + Tinting: We Go Way Back

Chadwick has been doing custom tints for over 20 years. In house, we have a huge library of colors from NOIR Medical, Corning, Eschenbach, Cocoons, and some popular new tints for TBIs, migraines, epilepsy low vision and more. We’ll work with you to find the best solutions to solve your patients’ vision problems.

If we have the color in our library, you won’t need to part with your lens samples.

Each lens you order is matched to our in-house sample using a spectrophotometer and then visually compared under four separate light sources to ensure accuracy. If you send us a sample we don’t have, we’ll match it using the same process.

We’re pretty much fanatical about getting lens tinting right.

Our Tinting Process: A Peek Behind the Scenes

We’re not going to give away the whole recipe to our secret sauce, but we’re happy to give you a taste. Our process combines the science of tinting technology with the art of achieving just the right color for your patient.

We understand the factors that impact lens tinting (like lens material and coating), but we also know sometimes it takes more than a few calculations to achieve the desired effect. We actively find ways to apply a little creative elbow grease to make sure our lenses effectively and accurately address your patient’s vision problems.

That’s why doctors and therapists alike trust us with their patients’ precision tinting needs.

Wanna learn more? Take a deeper dive into our lens tinting process.