After embedding full-power Peli Lens prisms into a myriad of different lens and frame configurations, we’re happy to announce a breakthrough in lens clip-on technology:  The Peli Lens using SLAM Technology.

This page contains all the juicy details of our latest Peli Lens option, the technology behind it, and most importantly, how it’ll help your patients.

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The Peli Lens Using SLAM Technology

Our full-power Peli Lens prisms are now available as a single-lens solution, known as the Peli Lens using SLAM technology. 

SLAM technology enables us to create a single removable lens that attaches to your patient’s glasses lenses via magnets. 

Why is this so amazing? Because it makes it super easy for your patients to quickly and deftly attach the lens when they need field expansion, then remove it when they don’t. 

Patients no longer need to carry a bulky fitover that doesn’t fit into their pocket or a clip-on lens that is fragile and adds extra bulk to their frames.

The Peli Lens using SLAM technology offers:

  • Staying Power: our Peli SLAM solution stays put even when vigorously shaken or jostled
  • Durability: designed to last for years to come, the Peli SLAM is a rugged, highly durable option for patients on the go
  • Comfort: a single lens weighs less than all other options, offering maximum comfort when worn
  • Portability: at less than the size of a business card, the Peli SLAM lets your patient easily take it with them wherever they go
  • Flexibility: patients can wear the Peli SLAM when they need and simply remove it when they don’t
  • Versatility: patients can wear the single lens over their normal glasses or over their sunglasses, making it ideal for both daytime and nighttime use

Best of all? Your patient can continue to use the Peli SLAM even if their prescription changes (provided they retain their original frames). This makes the Peli SLAM a permanent, cost-effective solution for patients in the long run.

We even include a convenient, compact carrying case that easily fits into your patient’s pocket or purse. 

Note: While we can install the Peli Lens into multiple frame types, we recommend our Peli Lens using SLAM technology solution for most patients.

Traditional Clip-Ons vs SLAM Technology

Traditional options can be an ideal for patients who need two-lens clip-ons. But for patients who need a solution for just one eye, like those suffering homonymous hemianopia, two-lens clip-ons are not ideal.

The Drawbacks of Traditional Clip-Ons

While full-power clip-ons are a much better option for your patients than training prisms, they don’t offer the same benefits most patients desire in a removable lens.

  • Fragile bridge: traditional clip-ons are fragile at the bridge, making it easy for your patient to break the clip
  • Less Durable: because they offer a weaker connection to your patient’s glasses, clip-ons are more likely to fall off during activity
  • Not as Portable: clip-ons require a case large enough to accommodate two lenses that will not easily fit into a pocket
  • Weighs More: traditional clip-ons weigh more than a single lens, making them potentially more uncomfortable for your patients to ear
  • International Shipping Logistical Challenges: Lens traces can be sent electronically and the Peli SLAM base lens can be produced overseas, preventing two-way international shipping delays and challenges

Get Your Patient the Peli SLAM

When you’re ready to help your patient get the full-power Peli SLAM, just use our handy-dandy order form. It’s as simple as that! 

Of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We live and breathe (and sometimes eat!) the Peli Lens, so you’ll make our day by giving us a shout.