True story: traumatic brain injuries like concussions can actually cause epilepsy. Considering TBIs have a significant impact on vision, it’s not surprising, then, that some types of epileptic seizures can be triggered but what we see. Or, more precisely, the type of vision-based stimuli we take in.

Functional Filters May Help Prevent/Alleviate Epileptic Seizures 

Part of our Functional Filters products, our Sight Soothe glasses may provide significant relief and even help prevent seizures from happening, especially for those suffering from photosensitive epilepsy. These specially tinted lenses block out much of the offending light-based stimuli and prevents it from triggering a seizure. The tint most effective for epilepsy is Z Blue (equivalent to z1 blue or noir 26). 

Product Spotlight 

The Sight Soothe brand, fitted with Functional Filters, are specifically tinted and tailored to help prevent light-triggering seizures from happening in the first place.  

Sight Soothe frames with functional filters for epilepsy


These frames are made to provide maximum comfort and relief while also looking good.

Sight Soothe fitovers for epilepsy


These fit OVER the frame of your eyeglasses and provide more side and top coverage than normal frames