We design all of our policies with simplicity in mind. Why? Because we hate policies. And we hate companies that stand behind their policies in clearly extenuating circumstances. We’d rather spend our time making cool glasses and providing incredible customer service. If you feel that our policies don’t fit a certain situation, let us know. We’re flexible.

Rebates, Kickbacks, and Sales Incentive Programs

Eeeew. We don’t do this. These programs are designed to buy your loyalty rather than earn it. We’re comfortable that we can earn your loyalty without resorting to bribery.


You like us. That’s cool. But we charge more than some other lab, and you’re getting squeezed from all sides in your effort to make a buck. We get it. We live in the same miserable monopoly you do. If us lowering our prices will allow you to work with us more, let’s talk. Give us a call. We will most likely require volume commitments with discount pricing.

This flexibility doesn’t mean that we’re going to discount products all willy-nilly to people who we’ll probably never hear from again. If you feel like haggling for the sake of haggling, please visit your local used car dealer.


RX Work

All RX Work can be redone at any time within a year for any reason at half-price. This includes scratches, doctor’s changes, anything.

AR Coating

The special things we do to our lenses are not compatible with the coatings that act as the best substrate for AR. If the coating gets scratched, we will attempt to strip it for no charge. If that doesn’t work, see RX Work policy.

Frames We Supply

All frames we supply come with a 1-year replacement warranty. Unless our supplying them somehow voids the manufacturer’s warranty. Companies like Luxottica-owned Oakley have delightful policies like this.

Frames We Do Not Supply

You sending your frame to us for finishing is done at your own risk. We are in no circumstance going to ever reimburse you for the cost of a frame.

Glued Lenses (Peli, Sector, Franklin, Button, etc)

All glued lenses have a lifetime glue warranty. If they come unglued at the glue joint with no other damage to the lens, we will reglue it at no charge. If the lenses or prisms are damaged or chipped, we will let you know the cost.

Shipping Charges

Invoices include shipping cost. Quotes may not include shipping.

Domestic Priority Mail – $8

Domestic UPS Ground – $10

Domestic UPS Home Delivery & Signature Required – Our Cost Rounded up to the nearest $5

Overnight, 2nd Day, Etc. – Our Cost Rounded up to the nearest $5

Canada Shipping (UPS) – $20. If price exceeds $20, we’ll charge our cost rounded up to the nearest $5.

International Shipping – Due to delivery issues with other carriers, we ship all non-Canadian international shipments using DHL. Shipping can cost anywhere from $75 to $125 depending on the country. We charge our cost rounded up to the nearest $5.


Pay Us. We are a small business. We need to be paid for what we do. We take credit cards. That is our preferred method of payment. If you don’t pay us, you’re going to see a side of us that you don’t like.

At Chadwick Optical, we are a lot of things. We are not a bank. We do work, and we expect prompt payment on our terms (not yours, big business). If you decide to use us as a bank, we will act like a bank. We will increase your pricing by 25% to compensate ourselves for the loan we are giving you. If you are a member of a company that pays slowly as a policy, we recommend you consider using a credit card to pay.

Our other collections practice is to hold your completed jobs until your account is current. And while your account is on credit hold, we will feel absolutely no guilt for the glasses we are holding because you decided not to pay your bill on time.

Customer Service

Dude, be nice. We’re here to make glasses. You’re here to get glasses. Sometimes annoying stuff happens. We promise we’re not out to get you. And we know you’re not out to get us. Our customer service people work hard and do the best they can. Don’t treat them poorly. If you need someone to yell at, ask for Charlie’s cell phone number. He is the owner, and the only person at Chadwick Optical who could possibly be deserving of your wrath when something goes wrong. Don’t take it out on Amanda, Michelle or Jaime.