The Eye & Brain Connection

Our eyes, like every other part of our body, connect to the brain. In fact, there is a literal line from the eyeballs to the brain, and that line is known as the optic nerve. But while that connection seems simple and straightforward, it is NEITHER simple NOR straightforward. That’s why you can have what is considered perfect eyesight (20/20) and still have vision problems.

Do Brain Injuries Affect Vision?

We’ve covered the eye-brain connection and why an issue with one may be a direct result of a problem with (or affecting the proper functioning of) the other. Now we’re going to address types of brain injuries and their potential effects on vision.

Is My Vision Suffering Because Of A Brain Injury Or Concussion?

It may be in your head. And by that we mean, you may actually be suffering vision issues because of a brain injury or a concussion. Here’s why: to be blunt, concussions damage neural pathways.

Top Eye Exercises to Help Concussion Patients Suffering from Vision Issues

Did you know a huge proportion of people who suffer a concussion experience vision problems afterwards? Even a mild brain injury can cause vision problems. This stems from disruptions in the visual brain pathways, which affect how messages transmit between the eyes and the brain.