Aniseikonia Size Lens Kit

Our Aniseikonia Size Lens Kit contains 5 different magnification lenses, 1%, 2%, 4%, 5%, and 7%, but can be customized upon request.


How to Use Size Lens Kit
Size lenses are miniature afocal telescopes. By looking through the lens with a convex side, away from the eye, the user will view the image as slightly larger. By flipping the lens, it will make the image slightly smaller.

Stacking Size Lenses
Because the scopes are afocal, they can be stacked to measure different amounts. By holding the 1% and 2% scopes together, it makes the magnification 3%.

Ordering Rx’s with Size Component
Size lenses should be used over the patient’s refraction. And when manufactured, we typically want to add the magnification to the smaller eye. There may be exceptions on the higher Rx’s.

You would order magnification in addition to refractor, ie:

OD +100     +5% magnification
OS  +100

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