Is your patient (or are you) struggling to focus on items up close? In addition to amazing custom lenses, we also offer off-the-shelf near devices for low vision patients, including magnifiers, prism readers, and microscopic glasses. Take a look at our most popular products.

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Hand Magnifiers

These hand magnifiers do something incredible: they make things look bigger. While that might not seem like a feat to those within our industry who are jaded by the power of low vision devices, we think it’s pretty rad. Which is why we stock these bad boys (and girls!)—to help your patients see better. Rest assured, we don’t sell random trinkets. We sell proven solutions to low vision problems (that mostly make stuff bigger-looking).

Click below to see our exciting lineup up magnifiers and be amazed (or at least pretend to be amazed so you don’t hurt our feelings).

Stand Magnifiers

What’s better than seeing things close up? Seeing things close up without having to hold something in your hand to do so. 

Enter the wonderful world of stand magnifiers. These hands-free low vision devices help make all of your magnification dreams can come true (as long as those dreams are to make things look bigger).

Prism Readers

Want to offer your low vision patients a way to read that won’t cost their arm or leg (cuz really, what would someone do with a random arm anyway)? Check out our full line of Prism Readers (aka prism spectacles), available in just about any power you can conjure up (as long as it’s +4, +5, +6, +7, +8, +10 or +12).

Microscopic Glasses

In addition to Prism Readers, we also carry a self-admittedly fine selection of Microscopic Spectacles that are available in OD, OS or OU binocular or monocular with Plano, Blackout, or Frosted balance lenses. We also offer Full-View Microscopics with mounted Peak Loupes.