Have a patient who could benefit from medical filters for their traumatic brain injury? With Chadwick Optical’s fitovers, your patient can access the best of both worlds: relief from their condition in a convenient, removable solution.

We’ve made it super easy to access ready-made fitovers through our e-commerce site. Click here to see our product selection or read on for more info on the tints we offer for TBIs.

Overview of Chadwick's Available Filter Colors for TBIs

Developed in conjunction with Dr. Carl Garbus, former president of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA), our selection of filters includes popular colors from Veteran’s Affairs Polytrauma Centers as well as filters recommended by NORA.

Our lens color options include tints in the Green/Blue, Blue, Plum, and Rose families. Below, we’ve portrayed TBI tint options in a few ways to give you an idea of how each color looks without having the benefit of your patient’s presence in our lab.

If you want to give these colors a test run in person, contact us about flipper kits and other amazing ways for your patients to take a gander at lens colors in person.

Tint List for Polytrauma & TBI

Below is a breakdown of all the colors Chadwick Optical offer specifically for TBIs and polytrauma. More information on each specific tint family and color is located further down the page.


  • Green/Blue 20%
  • Blue/Green 20%


  • E-15 Blue (Light Blue)
  • E-30 Blue (Medium Blue)
  • E-50 Blue (Dark Blue)
  • Z Blue (Noir 26)


  • Light Plum (Noir 88)
  • Medium Plum (COI Plum)
  • Dark Plum (Noir 81)


  • Light Rose (Fl-41 75%)
  • Medium Rose (Fl-41 50%)
  • Dark Rose (Fl-41 27%)

FL-41: Plum & Rose Tint

Chadwick’s FL-41 has been shown to reduce the symptoms of migraines and blepharospasms in controlled clinical trials. 

Our plum shades are spectrographically matched to Axon’s Fl-41 filters.

Our rose tints are closest spectrographically to TheraSpecs’ interpretation of Fl-41.

Click on a color below to see more information about it.

Chadwick's E-Blue Tint

Large-scale anecdotal evidence based on Chadwick’s experience tinting 10,000s of e-blue shades suggests these tints are highly suited for relief from migraine, concussion, brain injury symptoms.

We’ve found e-blues to be especially popular with Veteran Affair TBI centers and have worked closely with VA doctors to confirm their efficacy in minimizing patient symptoms.

Click on a color below to see more information about it.

Chadwick's Z Blue Tint

Chadwick’s Z Blue, also called z1 blue or noir 26, is geared toward patients suffering from photosensitive epilepsy.

Click on the color below to see more information about it.

Chadwick's Green/Blue Tint

Our Green/Blue colors were developed by Dr. Garbus at NORA based on his extensive practice in neuro optometry.

Click on a color below to see more information about it. 

Chadwick's TBI Tint Color Slider

Patients and doctors have found the following photographic approximation of each TBI tint color to be helpful in determining which shade to select. While we think this is a super slick tool, it’s not meant to replicate or replace the in-office tint-testing experience.

Why Fitovers?

Fitovers are a convenient option for patients who use prescription glasses but don’t need to wear a medical tint full-time. Fitover options may be right for your patients if they:

  • Want polytrauma/TBI lenses as fast as possible
  • Wear multiple pairs of glasses and need a solution that works with all frames
  • Prefer fitovers to clip-ons
  • Need the most affordable option
  • Can’t or don’t want to send their frames into Chadwick for clip-ons to be made

Ready to order? Click here to visit our e-commerce site, Chadwick Optical’s ready-made division.

Our Other Lens Solutions

Fitovers not quite the right fit for your patient? No prob! We can also make CVD lenses as Chadwicks plano glasses or clip-ons.

Chadwick's Plano Glasses

Plano glasses may be right for your patients if they:

  • Do not wear Rx glasses or lenses
  • Want a lightweight convenient option
  • Prefer an affordable solution

Contact us to order Plano Glasses.

Chadwick's Clip-Ons

Our clip-ons may be the best option for your patients if they:

  • Have existing Chemistrie magnets embedded in their lenses
  • Want a lighter-weight, more portable option
  • Do not want to carry a different pair of glasses
  • Prefer a more aesthetically pleasing option
  • Wear only one pair of glasses

Contact us to order clip-ons.

Why Chadwick Optical?

Not to toot our own horn, but after 2 decades of perfecting our tinting process, we feel our horn is pretty tootable. We’ve developed the industry standard in medical tints and filters.

Our seriously ginormous tint library makes it super easy for you to order a specific color. If we have it in our library, you don’t have to send in a sample.

Need a tint that’s not in our library? We can match nearly any color.

Learn more about our tinting badassery or contact us if you need help.