Hey. I’m Charlie. One of the proudest moments in my life was during a card game called “Imagine If” where I was metaphorically likened to William Shatner’s Kidney Stone by every single participant. While it may not literally be the most flattering comparison, to me it meant success. That I was successful in living one core tenet that had always shaped my personal philosophy:

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

This quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson lives on in Chadwick Optical. Most businesses promote themselves on one of three things: quality, price, or speed. From there, it’s a matter of screaming “ME TOO!” louder than all the other companies in that box. Like densely packed puppies fighting, climbing and clawing to get the attention of the person peeking in.

Chadwick Optical gave up that game a long time ago, and decided there were too many puppies in each of those boxes. And those puppies were cuter, more eager, and more energetic to tirelessly jump on each other to impress passers by.

So we got in a new box. A box based on creativity and a tireless drive to find solutions. A box where underserved demographics could come with their unique needs and be served. And you know what we found? There are so many patients in this box! So many patients that have been left behind by the mantras of quality, price, and speed. So many patients that can be served through creativity and a tireless drive to find solutions. Through this journey, we have identified three principles that serve as the backbone of Chadwick Optical.

Customer Service
Unfortunately, in a quest to meet customer service metric goals, customer service often turns into giving the person who screams the loudest whatever it is that they’re screaming about. Yeah…we don’t do it that way. We see our customers as partners in the drive to find solutions. We are on the same team with a mutual mission to do right by your patients.

Chadwick seeks to fill the gaps in care between the various healthcare professions. We seek to provide tools and education that take valuable information from the doldrums of scientific journals, and share it in a digestible format with the healthcare professionals who can use that information.

In improv theatre, saying “No” is a no-no. It ends the game. There’s nothing to build on with a No. In improv, you always say YES! Much of what we do is improvisational. So we never say No…to eyeglass questions. We probably can’t help with that growth on your nose. We say “YES, let’s figure out how.” And by starting with YES, we’ve come up with some amazing solutions that you’ll find all over our website. And if you have a situation where you’re encountering NO in every direction you turn, give us a call. Let’s figure out how.

Charlie Saccarelli, ABOM aka Optical Nerd

Your Friendly Neighborhood Optical Nerd


Charlie Saccarelli, ABOM
Daring Man of Vision
Chadwick Optical