This page contains the materials we’ve created over the years on homonymous hemianopia, visual field loss, and how the Peli Lens helps patients regain lost peripheral vision and improve their lives.

After researching, manufacturing, and helping patients use the Peli Lens for over 20 years, we thought it might be time for an overhaul of our content. But we didn’t want to totally ditch material that’s still applicable. So we decided to put it here and hope for the best.

Rest assured that the Peli Lens is still the best available solution for patients suffering from stroke-related visual field loss and the principles behind it are as sound today as they were decades ago. We at Chadwick Optical continue to improve upon available Peli Lens Prescription Solutions (like our SLAM Lens – a single, magnetic clip-on lens that allows patients to quickly and easily use the Peli Lens whenever needed).

So feel free to peruse the pages linked to below or contact us if you need any help.

Normal vs Hemianopic Vision

The Peli Lens and How It Works

Hemianopia Eyeglass Options