Q: I received a discount through Tech Optics. Will Chadwick honor that discount?

A: Yes! Whatever discount you had through Tech Optics will still be valid through Chadwick after the merger.

Q: Will I need to open an account with Chadwick to continue to order Tech Optics items?

A: While we are working hard to merge the customer accounts from Tech Optics into Chadwick, it is an arduous process with the sheer number of customers. Please give us a call and we can get your account all set up over the phone in no time so you can keep placing orders.

Q: How do I place orders for Tech Optics products through Chadwick?

A: Kathy from Tech will be joining forces with our Chadwick customer service team, so however you did it before…keep doing that.

Q: Will I need a separate account from my Tech Optics account to order glasses through Chadwick?

A: Nope! Since we are merging account lists, you will only need 1 account to place all your glasses and device orders.

Q: My invoice says it is from Chadwick Optical, but I placed my order through Tech Optics?

A: Tech Optics and Chadwick are now one and the same! While the Tech Optics brand name will live on, for the purposes of accounting, all invoices and such will come with the Chadwick letterhead.

Q: Can I place orders online and have the invoice post to my account to receive 1 monthly statement like I do with glasses ordered from Chadwick?

A: At the moment, no. All online orders will need to be paid online at time of sale, just as you’ve been doing it. We are working on making it possible to add invoices from our online store to your account so that you’ll only need to pay once, but that will be sometime in the future.

Q: Can I order both glasses and devices for the same patient at the same time?

A: You sure can! We will also ship both the glasses and devices out together so you don’t have to worry about multiple boxes.

Q: Will this effect turn around times for any devices?

A: Turn around on orders will stay the same. Anything that we have in stock will ship the same or next day. Anything not in stock will take the same amount of time as you are used to (if not quicker!).