We’re gonna level with you here. Covid sort of kicked our assets for awhile. There are a few months in the former part of 2020 that we would rather not remember.

But, one of the bright spots to emerge from that otherwise dark era was our Remote Low Vision Assessment Kit. And we’re pretty stoked about sharing it with you.

Before we dig into the nitty gritty, we invite you to spend less than 3 mins of your life viewing our video. It’s worth at least 1,000 words.

(For those of you who prefer to read, a less colorful description awaits below.)

What is this Magical Kit?

We decided to frame this section in a way that makes it sound like someone actually asked us that question. Nobody did, but we’ll answer it anyway.

Our Remote Low Vision Assessment Kit is pretty much summed up by its name, but we’ll elaborate.

We envisioned this kit as the first step toward finding the right solution for your low vision patients’ needs. Once a patient’s visual acuity can not be further corrected, the next step is to determine whether lighting and glare control improves his or her vision. Often we’ve found that patients experience significant vision improvement by increasing light and using filters to enhance contrast or reduce glare.

In addition to lighting and glare, we’ve included an acuity assessment chart and access to our free calculators to help you determine the amount of magnification needed for specific tasks.

All of these goodies are handily bundled into a convenient kit that’s ready to ship to you or directly to your patient. Pretty epic, right?

What Does this Magical Kit Contain?

Again, fabulous question. Our kit contains the following:

Acuity Assessment

The 8 1/2″ x 11″ Acuity/Contrast Card measures acuity distance from 8.0M to .375M and contrast in steps from 5% to 100%.


The flexible, lightweight rechargeable LED neck lamp is ideal for reading and crafting.

The clip-on, USB powered, gooseneck LED desk lamp comes with 3 lighting modes – Cool White, Warm White and Natural White – and 10 brightness levels. USB plug included.


Orange & Yellow Fitover glasses enhance contrast and depth perception.

Brown & Gray Fitover glasses reduce brightness and glare – diminishing outdoor light sensitivity.

Each are available in Medium and Large sizes. 

How Might I Procure Such a Magical Kit?

Want the good news or the great news?

The good news is that this kit is ready to ship from our low vision branch, Tech Optics International.

The great news is that we’ve priced our kit to be an affordable way for your patients to foray into what low vision solutions best meet their needs.

So mosey on over to Tech Optics and get your kit today!