Temporary Prisms

The temporary prisms are an optical rubber that adheres to your lens and can stay adhered for up to two months if properly applied. They lose adhesion, yellow over time, and offer reduced contrast compared to other materials. Press-on prisms are terrific to trial the Peli Lens concept, but these issues make them poorly-suited for longer-term wear. After a patient has accepted the benefit of the Peli Lens concept over a 6 week trial period, we recommend they start looking at permanent options. When looking at permanent options, we also recommend patients discuss the horizontal and oblique configurations with their practitioners. In some states, the oblique prism allows hemianopsia patients to meet the visual field requirements for obtaining a driver’s license.

Permanent Prisms

The permanent prisms are a high quality PMMA acrylic material that is embedded into the lens with an epoxy adhesive. They do not yellow or lose adhesion, and offer a much brighter image than the temporary prisms. They are also much stronger in power. While the temporary press-on prisms offer about 20 degrees of field, the permanent prisms offer over 30 degrees of field expansion.

How Do I Know the Permanent Will Work?

In nearly 20 years, we haven’t had a complaint about the increased field expansion offered by the permanent prisms. We do have a weaker prism available, and will switch it out at no charge if a patient doesn’t like the stronger prism. But as a general rule, everyone likes the permanent more than the temporary prisms.

Selecting Permanent Product Options

There are multiple configurations of the Permanent Peli Lens, each having their own unique benefits.

Good for Presbyopic Patients Aesthetics Price
Magnetic Clip-Onspeli-clip Yes, remove clip when reading Great $$$$


Yes, remove clip when reading Poor $
Embedded into the Lenspermanent-glasses No unless the patients removes their glasses to read Good $$$
Top Prism Only


Yes Good $$