lens filters - redblk bgVariety and Precision RX’s With Tints

When it comes to low vision and TBI, Grey 2 & Yellow 3 just aren’t specific enough. There are special lenses that cut-off specific wavelengths. Therapists and opticians spend a lot of time with their patients picking out just the right color. And when you order that lens from your lab, it needs to be done right.

Chadwick has been doing custom tints for over 20 years. In house, we have a huge library of colors from NOIR Medical, Corning, Eschenbach, Cocoons, and some popular new colors for TBI & migraines. If we have the color in our library, you won’t need to part with your lens samples.

Each lens you order is matched to our in-house sample using a spectrophotometer, and then visually compared under three separate light sources to ensure accuracy. If you send us a sample we don’t have, we’ll match it using the same process.

Polarization and Extra Dark Filters

Many of the darker colors from NOIR, Eschenbach and Cocoons are available in RX polarized lenses. Many of the plums, ambers, blues, greens, and greys are available polarized, with transmittances down to 1%. Click here to view Chadwick’s extensive tint library.


Chadwick has two lines of tints – Filter Vision fixed color tints, and Variable Tint photochromic lenses. Nearly any tint and lens combination can be made in either Filter Vision or Variable Tint.

Lens Design Availability

High-add progressives, high add flat-tops, myodiscs, lenticulars, even sector & Franklin lens designs are available in both VT and filter vision. In addition, here’s a chart of our more common lenses:

CR39 POLY TRIVEX 1.60 1.67

Available in Filter Vision  Available in VT Photochromic

Tint Library

Our Library includes hundreds of colors from NOIR Medical, Corning, Eschenbach and Cocoons. Click here for a comprehensive listing

Diagnostic Products and Tint Sample Kits