Unlimited Design Versatility

Chadwick Optical uses free-form rounds and free-form PAL lens designs in conjunction with standard semi-finished lenses, we’re able to make some very unique lens designs. The items listed below are our most popular designs, however, here at Chadwick Optical, we can do nearly any design you can dream up. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

  • Occupational Designs
  • High Add Designs
  • Custom Trifocal Designs

Chadwick Occupational Designs

Chadwick's Freeform progressive with standard flat-top bifocal
Chadwick's Standard Progressive with free-form round add(any size)
Chadwick's Standard Flat-top with free-form round add (any size)

Chadwick's High Add Designs

Flat Top with Round on the Back. This design minimizes image jump compared to the full round.
Free-form round. Used for special lens designs that would otherwise be unavailable. Can be placed anywhere on the lens to make golfer segs.

Chadwick's Custom Trifocal Designs

Round above the seg. Best used where the intermediate power is less than the flat top segment.
Round below the seg. The more popular custom trifocal design.