Low vision prescriptions require special frames to avoid the dreaded “coke-bottle lens” that can look awkward and be even awkwarder to use.

After creating low vision glasses for over 4 decades, Chadwick is proud to offer premium low vision frames through Dolabany.

What’s so great about Dolabany frames? Their eye size is small enough to accommodate low vision lenses but positioned within the frame perfect for adult heads. 

Explore the Dolabany frames styles and sizes we carry.

Dolabany Frame Models

Below are the Dolabany frames we recommend for low vision prescriptions. 


Hubert is a reintroduction of the Plume Paris model Loop. The Loop had been discontinued after a thirteen-year run, however, due to popular demand, Dolabany had brought the model back.  Special requests for this frame are made for adults with a high prescription. 

Sizes: 33, 35


Dolabany Langon is a traditional, round metal frame, produced in a lightweight, stainless-steel and finished with a soft, rubber-like coating for comfortable wear.

Size: 33


The Dolabany Karma is a revival of a mid-century inspired, round frame that is perfect for styling high-prescription Rx’s. Two color tones and artistic etchings modernizes this classic shape which is produced of stainless steel for durable wear.

Size: 35

Need Help with Low Vision Frames?

We’re the self-proclaimed experts in low vision and are always eager to help. So if you’ve got a question regarding low vision frames, prescriptions, or really anything else remotely optical, give us a shout. We’re sure to entertain if not inform.