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The Peli Lens


 Products for Fitting and Screening

Peli Lens Fitting Kit and Peli Press-on Prisms

This is the Peli Lens™ starter kit.

 A step by step instruction booklet guides any eye care professional in fitting their Hemianopic patients simply and quickly with Dr. Peli’s prism design.  Handy die-cut Fresnel Press-on prisms are included with this booklet.  These prisms, placed properly, expand the visual field 20º.  Eye doctors should have this booklet and review it before seeing a hemianopic patient for a fitting with the Peli Prisms.  Contact Chadwick at 800-451-4200.

Peli Press-on



Stick Prism

For professionals familiar with fitting the Peli Lens™ concept. These handy die-cut Fresnel Press-on prisms are sold in sets of two (1pr.) or as a bulk pack (sets of 4pr.).

This is a larger image of the Peli Press-on Prisms that are applied to the patients glasses.  These can be ordered by eye care professionals for prism replacements.

  This 40Δ prism device quickly demonstrates the Peli Lens concept to patients and families.  Therapists, nurses and physicians who deal with

TBI and stroke patients

will find this tool useful as

 a demonstration and educational aid.

Peli  Clip-ons, Set of Right and Left

     These clip-on prisms can be used by Therapists, Nurses and Physicians who deal with TBI and stroke victims.  These fit conveniently on patient’s eyeglasses and expand their visual field 20 degrees.       Patients look between the prisms. If they are helpful, the patient can then be referred to an eye care professional for additional evaluation and care. The right side clip-on is for right hemianopia and the left is for left hemianopia.  The device quickly identifies hemianopes who may benefit from the Peli Lens™ concept.

Peli Lens Sample  Glasses

     These glasses are for in-office demonstration only.  They incorporate the permanent  Peli prisms and are right/left reversible.  These allow  patients to observe  the difference between the permanent and the temporary prisms and show how the permanent glasses are constructed.  They are available with the 40 Horizontal, the 57 Horizontal and the 57Δ Oblique prisms. 

Hemianopic Field

30º Expanded Hemianopic Field

with 57 diopter Peli Lens

Peli Press-on prisms affixed to non-prescription eyewear for

patient trial at home.

Peli Test Glasses   Non-Rx

Set of Two unisex  frames (1 rt , 1 lt) or             

Set of Four frames  (2 men's, 2 ladies, rt & lt)

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